Bitcoin Worse Days

Hello, here is a simple script to scan for BTC worse days.
In input you tell the script what are the minimum percent drops to look for.
By default it is 0.3, here I set it at 0.25 or it would not show anything except the 12 March (which is 40.07%).
The indicator has a precision of 1% I think.

It does not look at how low the body closed, it will show all days that closed below where they opened looking at how far below the high of the day the low was.

It can also work on any timeframe.

Here were the previous worse days from the late 2017 crash start of the bear market:

You could modify the script and look for the worse bodies with open - close instead of high - low
You could also add a filter to only look at days where the body is > 90% the whole candle (in this case it's got to be about 99%)

We can look back at BTC past a bit

Every bear market started with a large drop so we can expect...

As you can see we can look at the weekly chart too:

I won't lie, I am pretty happy. Russia, China bat eating community, and Greta were a big help. Thanks guys.


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