WaveTrend Oscillator [Krypt]

This is similar to regular WaveTrend Oscillator except:

- replaces hlc3 input with a weighted log formula for better stability/performance on high volatility charts
- zero-centered scaling
- SMA crossovers above and below OB/OS thresholds are marked as buy/sell signals
版本注释: Use SMA curvature information to filter out buy/sell signals likely to be false positives
版本注释: Rename some chart objects
版本注释: Long/Short signal now captures some cases of bullish and bearish divergences
版本注释: Use extra signal smoothing and extra momentum check for curvature
版本注释: improve buy/sell signals
版本注释: don't make helper elements editable
版本注释: start drawing signal earlier, perform averaging on cross steps for more stable bullish/bearish divergence detection
版本注释: use a 1+2 formula for curvature
版本注释: Default to lower smoothing to still show something on the chart in the beginning
版本注释: switch back to 4 for default SMA length
版本注释: Improve sensitivity in the beginning of the chart
版本注释: add comment
版本注释: Replace final EMA smoother with Ehlers' smoother for higher sensitivity
版本注释: Ignore first candle
版本注释: reduce default smoothing slightly and allow zero smoothing
版本注释: do not count MA cross above overbought level as bottom, and likewise do not count count MA cross below oversold level as top.
版本注释: Simplify generation of buy/sell signals
版本注释: fix how continues climb/descent is determined
版本注释: detect hidden divergences
版本注释: Update colors to make this indicator suitable for either light or dark T/V color modes
版本注释: quantitatively weigh bullish and bearish signals


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