Value Range

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Here is another attempt to chase value based on technical analysis.

This is extended version of PE range script published earlier.

Instead of just PE, this script contains several other factors which defines value. You can chose which factor to look at from input dialog:
Possible value factors included in this script are:
  • Price to Earnings
  • Price to Sales
  • Price to Book
  • PE - Forwarding
  • PS - Forwarding
  • Price to Cashflow
  • Enterprise Value to EBITDA
  • Enterprise Value to Cashflow

Some of these can be added to chart directly from financials. But, the script also calculate range based on donchian channel or bollinger bands. Instead of short periods, we are looking for periods in terms of years. Rest of things remain same.
Simplify logic and use optimal timeframe for Value parameters (FY, FQ, TTM)


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