Range Detector Indicator [Misu]

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█ This indicator shows an upper and lower band based on Highs and Lows.
Depending on this, the indicator interprets a ranging market, an uptrend or a downtrend.

█ Usages:
The purpose of this indicator is to identify when the price is ranging.  
It's also used to identify changes in trends, breaking points, and trend reversals. 
But it can also be used to show resistance or support levels.

█ Features:
> Price Action Change Alerts
> Price Action Change Labels
> Color Bars
> Show Bands

█ Parameters:
Deviation: A parameter used to calculate pivots.
Depth: A parameter used to calculate pivots.
Activate Range Detection: Check the box to activate range detection.
Band% Offset: A factor that is used to vary the bands offset. 
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