Simple Macd Momentum Reversal Indicator

This Simple indicator uses the MACD history to check trend reversals. It primarily check if the histogram has moved up from a downtrend above a certain margin. If it has, it places a green B on the chart. If you were to use/improve this indicator, please use it with other indicators to confirm your position. This is NOT an indicator that can be well used alone.
版本注释: I have changed the verification requirements a bit, so that it is a bit more consistent and accurate.
The Indicator is now a '^' instead of a 'B'

版本注释: Got rid of useless variables in the pine script and change some names to make it easier to read and understand.
Changed the color of the '^' buy character from the he code '#7FFF00' to the color 'color.lime'.

Enjoy and add any suggestions in the comments!

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