Pre-market Highs & Lows on regular trading hours (RTH) chart

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Shows pre-market highs and lows on RTH or ETH chart

-Pre-market duration user input (default is 16 'bar hours'; covering the time from S&P RTH close at 4pm >> 9:30am RTH open next day
-Displays on both RTH and ETH charts
-Written for ES (ES1! or e.g ESM2023), but tested and working on SPY, SPX
-Works across timeframes

Example usage on Electronic trading hours (ETH) chart; showing the 'bar hours' user input lookback duration visually
-Added realtime plotting of out-of-hours highest/lowest as price progresses through the overnight session. Lines move on 'static' RTH chart too. This will dissappear and be replaced with the original lines as we enter the opening bell.
-Really this indicator is designed / working properly only on ES, NQ, YM (i.e. ES1!, ESM2023 etc etc). Not printing correctly on SPY due to extended session time quirks.
-I'm planning to release a much simpler realtime version, current day only, versatile across all all variants of S&P 500.
-fixed code: needed to use request.security_lower_tf() to fetch price data from ETH feed while on RTH chart during extended hours ( would not work)
-Note on the above update: due to pinescript execution model (execute on a new bar), when viewing on RTH static chart overnight, only way to retrieve ETH up-to-date levels is to refresh the page.
-added day/date on price labels (optional togggle on/off)
-added option to print all labels at last bar index + user input offset right
Note: all this is designed for use with multiple day's lines, to avoid confusion about line origins. See the new toggle box / input options at the bottom of the formatting section
-simplified time format function.
-please note the timezone is set to "America/New_York"
-high line / low line color options
-Added two Alerts condtions:
#1: price crossing over the last pre-market high.
#2: price crossing under the last pre-market low.
-Potentially useful in seeking turtle soup trades (false breakouts). To be used in combo with other factors obviously.
-To set alerts: click the three dots on the indicator display/title line >> add alert; then choose the various options.
-Fixed to work properly across various markets: SPY, Futures Indices (e.g. ES1!) and Stocks
-Added Extend choices for previous lines (extend to last bar index or not). Choices: #1 Previous only, #2 All, #3 None

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