This indicator looks for where market momentum is waning.
It uses Heikin-Ahi for that.
Heikin-Ashi averages the Open and Close prices, so the entity is not compressed as often as candles.
Using this characteristic, the continued compression of the entity is indicated as a decline in the market.

Period - The degree of compression is calculated as a stochastic-like percentage. Specify the period to be used for the calculation.
Level(%) - If it is smaller than this number, it is assumed to be compressed.
Minimum period - The agreement shall be valid if it has been continued for at least this period.
版本注释: Added an option "Box extend"
版本注释: The calculation method has been changed.
In addition to the calculation using Stochastic, the ranking method is used to calculate and synthesize the results.

  • Added an option 'Smallest bar'
  • Added an option 'Largest bar'


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