Volatility Price Range

The Volatility Price Range is an overlay which estimates a price range for the next seven days and next day, based on historical volatility (already available in TradingView). The upper and lower bands are calculated as follows:

The Volatility for one week is calculated using the formula: WV = HV * √t where:
WV: one-week volatility
HV: annual volatility
√: square root
t: the time factor expressed in years

From this formula we can deduce the weekly volatility WV = HV * √(1 / 52) = HV / 7.2 where 52: weeks in a year.
The daily volatility DV = HV * √(1 / 365) = HV / 19.1 where 365: days in a year.

To calculate the lower and upper value of the bands, the weekly/daily volatility value obtained will be subtracted/added from/to the current price.


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