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In the chart photo is a quick description of each part of the indicator is.
The Micro Dots were hours of testing different combinations of indicators and settings to find what looked and worked best. This is what I came up with, use it as a rough draft as it could probably be added to or changed around.
One simple way to use the indicator is if price is above VMA with green dots, look to long. If price is below VMA with red dots look to short.

  • Variable Moving Average - Also known as VMA or Track Line, is an Exponential Moving Average. VMA adjusts its smoothing constant on the basis of Market Volatility. This can help to measure the macro trend.
  • Micro Trend Dots - A Supertrend with extras filters. Supertrend is a trend-following indicator based on ATR (In this indicator TrueRange instead). The extra filters on top of the Supertrend help add confluence to them to give more confidence in the micro trend.

Credit to @LazyBear for the Variable Moving Average
Credit to @KivancOzbilgic for his Supertrend

Send me a message if you create something with the Micro Dots I'd love it see it!
Thank you friends I hope you enjoy!

No Signal is 100% correct at what it's trying to do. Use caution when trading!
Practice Risk Management.
  • New Alert for price crossing VMA.
  • Removed Momentum from the Micro Dot filter
  • Fixed the No Dot alert.


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