A simple strategy is to determine the trend. Do not use it for real-time transactions. Use it as a Reaffirmation trade entry.
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strategy("GetTrendStrategy", overlay=true)
out1 = security(tickerid, tim, open)
out2 = security(tickerid, tim, close)
longCondition = crossover(security(tickerid, tim, close),security(tickerid, tim, open))
if (longCondition)
    strategy.entry("long", strategy.long)
shortCondition = crossunder(security(tickerid, tim, close),security(tickerid, tim, open))
if (shortCondition)
    strategy.entry("short", strategy.short)
Здравствуйте! спасибо за интересный инструмент.
Пытался попробовать на этой же паре на дневном тайме, увы, он "отрабатывает" каждую свечу.
У вас график 5 мин.
Основное поле работы стратегии - минутные графики?
При работе на таймфреймах выше 5 минут куда смещать переменную 160 -?
I would like to try this strategy
Very nice! Thank for publishing. The Stock strategy have in fact a lot of false signal as you know but still, this is pretty interesting! Thank for sharing! :D

I guess theirs a way to tweak it out with some more line! ;)
hey this is great! ty
This method is trash. The secrety function has a big problem.
Look at the green line. It receive future prices and go down or up ahead of time. If you just run the chart for a few hours. The winning rate is collected at 0%.
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soultrain23 soultrain23
@soultrain23, big kinda trash
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soultrain23 soultrain23
@soultrain23, Totally embarrassing that people don't recognize this such a shiiitt. The author only wants likes to feels self-esteem, but he can't fool my ass.
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what does this script mean
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How can this be used for reaffirmation trade entry? I just tested it a bit with Tim input 7 and it created a lot more signals than when I reload the indicator. Also the trades were mostly failed ones. So even when not trading this strategy live, what is it good for when, when it runs, it jumps around and is uncertaing what to show up.
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