RSI Plus

RSI Plus:
☑️ Show the divergences.
☑️ Shows the approximate price of an RSI level (by default it is level 55 but it can be changed for any other level).
☑️ Shows the bulls and bears zones, in green when crossing level 50 up and red when crossing down.
☑️ Circle the highest and lowest levels as possible purchases and sales.
☑️ Includes a smoothed RSI .

RSI Plus:
☑️ Muestra las divergencias.
☑️ Muestra el precio aproximado de un nivel del RSI (por defecto viene el nivel 55 pero se lo puede cambiar por cualquier otro nivel).
☑️ Muestra la zonas de toros y osos, en verde cuando cruza hacia arriba el nivel 50 y rojo cuando cruza hacia abajo.
☑️ Marca con un circulo los niveles mas alto y mas bajos como posibles compras y ventas.
☑️ Incluye un RSI suavizado.
版本注释: ☑️ Added Auto Higher Time Frame
版本注释: Clean code
版本注释: Added an option that shows the moving average of the RSI (Type: RMA, SMA, EMA, WMA, HMA, DEMA, TEMA, VWMA, ALMA) and dispersion around MA.
版本注释: Migrated to Pine Script V5

Reorganized the code and changed the color scheme.

Now you can choose between RSI, MFI or AVG. The AVG is the average between the RSI(close, 14) and the MFI(hlc3, 14), the number of periods can be changed.

Added several types of alerts and more types of moving averages.

Orange arrows mean that the RSI crossed below its MA.
Green arrows mean that the RSI crossed above its MA.

Now you can enable the color of the bars which is displayed in gradient color (oversold in red, overbought in green). The same color scheme is used for the "Smoothed RSI".

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