Elder EMA, ATR & MACD Indicator, 5X Time Frame & Divergences.

This indicator is elaborated following the 3 window strategy described by Elder.

The fast, slow averages and MACD histogram are taken from a time frame 5 times higher than the active time frame and indicate bullish / bearish trends as well as divergences (bottom) of the hostogram with the price.
版本注释: Improves
版本注释: Improves
版本注释: Add alert when price is in zone.
版本注释: Improves
版本注释: Added impulse signals
版本注释: Improves
版本注释: Added new alerts
版本注释: Optimice for BTC
版本注释: Adapted name
版本注释: Added sam financials date as Book Value and future value prevision.
版本注释: Remove financials date for more markets compatibility. I will public a new financial indicator.

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