Baha'i Reversal Points [CC]

The Baha'i Reversal Points is a custom creation that combines some of my favorite passions, creating stock indicator scripts and my faith. The Baha'i Faith believes in the oneness of God and all religions, and sees the number 9 as significant because that is the number of major world religions as well as the Baha'i symbol is a nine-pointed star. The number 19 is also seen as significant because in the Baha'i calendar, there are 19 months, and each month is made up of 19 days. Anyway, with all that being explained, I created these reversal points to find the points where the last 19 highs or lows are higher or lower, respectively than the previous high or low nine days ago. As with many indicators, this does have some hits and misses but does a pretty good job of finding reversal points based on these criteria.

There are a few different ways to analyze this data to determine when to buy or sell. I have set the default behavior for when we encounter the first time that the amount of highs or lows is greater than or equal to the length amount using a crossover or crossunder alert. You could also ignore the crossover or crossunder alerts and buy when the count is greater than or equal to the length, which can happen for extended periods depending on the underlying trend. Overall, buy when the buy label appears and sell when the sell label appears.

Let me know if there are any other custom indicators or scripts you would like to see me publish!

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