Pivot Average [Misu]

█ This Indicator is based on Pivot Points.
It aggregates closed Pivot Points to determine a "Pivot Average" line.
Pivot Points here refer to highs and lows.

█ Usages:
Pivot Average can be used as resistance or breakout area.
It is also very usefull to find battle zones.
It can also be used as a trend indicator: when the price is below, trend is down, when price is above, trend is up.
Mixed with momentum/volatility indicator it is very powerfull.

█ Parameters:
Deviation: Parameter used to calculate pivots.
Depth: Parameter used to calculate pivots.
Length: History Lenght used to determine Pivot Average.
Smoothing MA Lenght: MA lenght used to smooth Pivot Average.
Close Range %: Define price percentage change required to determine close pivots.
Color: Color of the Pivot Average.


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