Highest-Lowest Trend


The "Highest-Lowest Trend" indicator helps traders identify trends based on the highest and lowest values within a specified period. It provides visual cues to understand potential trend changes, making it a valuable tool for technical analysis.

  • Length and Offset: Adjust the length and offset parameters to customize the sensitivity of the indicator.
  • Source: Determines whether to use the high and low prices or the closing price and others for calculations.

Visual Settings:
  • Bar Color: Enables or disables the coloring of bars based on the trend direction.
  • Up Color: Specifies the color for upward trends.
  • Down Color: Specifies the color for downward trends.

Indicator Calculation:
The indicator calculates the highest and lowest values within the defined length and offset.
The current trend is determined based on whether the closing price is above or below these values.
When the source crossed above highest indicator changes trend to upside and start to use lowest value and vice versa.
var series float hlt = 0.0
series float   upper = ta.highest(Use_High_and_Low ? high : src, length)[offset]
series float   lower = ta.lowest( Use_High_and_Low ? high : src, length)[offset]

hlt :=  src > upper ? 
         lower : src < lower ? 
          upper : nz(hlt)

  • Trend Identification: Watch for price to be above Trend Indicator crosses for up trend and below for down trend.

  • Length and Offset: Adjust the length and offset parameters to customize the sensitivity of the indicator.
  • Color, color bars: Change color of trends and bars for your taste

Trading involves inherent risks, and it is essential to exercise caution and employ multiple tools and indicators for comprehensive analysis. While the "Highest-Lowest Trend" indicator provides valuable insights into potential trend changes, relying solely on one tool for trading decisions is not recommended. Market conditions can be dynamic, and using a combination of indicators can enhance your overall analysis, providing a more robust foundation for decision-making. Always consider the broader market context, risk management strategies, and other relevant factors before executing trades.

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