Technical Ratings Colored Candles

For those that want technical ratings but don't want waste valuable screen real estate. Candles are colored to the rating strength. It also plots the results for "total", "MA" and "other" in a table on right of screen. Table and candle coloring can be turned off in style settings. This script uses the built in Technical Ratings indicator. For more informations on Technical Ratings please refer to official documentation.

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Excellent work on this! I'm having an issue with the "Other" indicators displaying though. It looks like the "MA" category of indicators is working, but I'm showing a value of 0 for the "Other" category. I have this pulled up on daily charts of BTC/USD and ETH/USD. Do you know what might be going on? Thanks
veryfid tyler8910
@tyler8910, Hi this just means that the Other is giving a neutral rating.