[blackcat] L1 Python Friendly Lucid SAR

Level 1


LUCID SAR is an interesting technical indicator. I'm having trouble converting this to Python code. So a "Python friendly" version was rewritten literally. Because some basic functions and structures have been replaced. The performance can be 100% consistent with LUCID SAR.


Mr. Bowman wrote this script after having listened to Hyperwave with Sawcruhteez and Tyler Jenks of Lucid Mr. Bowmannvestments Strategies LLC on July 3, 2019. They felt that the existing built-in Parabolic SAR indicator was not doing its calculations properly, and they hoped that someone might help them correct this. So Mr. Bowman tried his hand at it,adding the rule regarding the SAR not advancing beyond the high (low) of the prior two candles during an uptrend (downtrend), but the core script is as it was.

I use large sized cross with red color for downtrend, with green color for uptrend, so that when I overlapped original work from Mr. Bowman, they can be 100% matched, which provided a validation process for this re-writing work. Enjoy!


Feedbacks are appreciated.
Python version Lucid SAR performance discussion is desired.

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