Liquidity Raid - Stop Hunt

Liquidity Raid - Stop Hunt

The market always seeks liquidity. Liquidity rests above previous highs and below previous lows as many traders see these as obvious points to place their stops. These are areas in the chart where many orders are placed together and serve as tipping points for market makers.

The script marks the breach of a market structure high/low with a vertical line. The script has the option to show the current W,D,4H & 1H market structure high and low.

How to use:

Once a raid occurs, use a higher timeframe to search for high probability supply and demand zones. Price needs to react to something. You may have multiple breaches before a reversal happens as price is likely looking for fresh(untested) zones. So don't trade blindly.

A good understanding of supply and demand concepts, odds enhancers, and how to identify fresh levels is expected to utilise it's full potential.

Lines and colours are all customizable

Alerts function included.

Indicator in use:

版本注释: Updated breach code