ValueBands for Acceptable P/E/ and P/B

# What's this script?
  • Plot BookValue/share and TangibleBookValue/share
  • Visualization of Price Bands for Acceptable P/E and P/B
  • Adaptation to Currency Change
  • When TTM(FQ) financial data is not available, FY financial data is used to supplement the TTM(FQ) data.

P/E : acceptable price ratio of Earnings per share. Default is 15
P/B : acceptable price ratio of Book value per share. Default is 1.5
P/TB : acceptable price ratio of Tangible Book value per share. Default is 1.5

## Books
BookValue : book value per share
TangibleBookValue :tangible book value per share
## Acceptable Prices
Acceptable P/E : P/E * EPS
Acceptable P/B : P/B * BVPS
Acceptable P/TB : P/TB * TBVPS
## Geometric mean
GeometricMean(APE&APB) : sqrt(APE*APB). Geometric mean of "Acceptable P/E" and "Acceptable P/B". if PE15 & PB1.5 then GrahamNumber .
GeometricMean(APE&APTB) : sqrt(APE*APTB). Geometric mean of "Acceptable P/E" and "Acceptable P/TB".

## color fill
BV -TBV .Fill color is TBV line
APE -APB .Fill color is the color of the larger APE and APB lines

I am not a programmer, so I can only provide crude functionality, but I hope it will be of some help to you
1. 一株当たり純資産の線
2. 一株当たり有形固定資産の線
3. 1と2の間を2の線の色で塗りつぶし
4. 設定画面で指定した許容P/E相当の価格線。デフォルトは15
5. 設定画面で指定した許容P/B相当の価格線。デフォルトは1.5
6. 4と5のあいだを塗りつぶし。大きい値の方の線の色で塗りつぶされます
7. 設定画面で指定した許容P/TB相当の価格線。デフォルトは1.5
8. 4と5の相乗平均。もしPE15,PB1.5にしてたらGrahamNumber 。
9. 4と6の相乗平均

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