Head & Shoulders S/R Regular

This is my take in Head & Shoulders (regular H&S )
The script will wait until a valid point E is found, which means A, C and E are alined

Then it will find the highest point between C - E -> Head (= D),
together with the highest point between A - C -> Left Shoulder (= B)

After this, the pattern is drawn, together with a 'trigger' area (E-G - E'-G' ~ 'Right shoulder area')
ONLY in this field, when a close is higher than E'-G', the figure will turn green, if lower than E-G, it will turn red, else, it will be blue

  • Date range filtering
    Here you can filter the patterns by setting the date period (for E)
  • Pivot Points -> Leftbars - Rightbars
  • min/max retrace AD -> E
    Set the retracement for E (retracement A -> D -> E, here between 1.4 & 1.5)
  • % tolerance
    Tolerance of Right shoulder height against Left shoulder height
    0% (= the same relative height):
    85% (-> now close isn't higher than E'-G' -> blue coloured):
  • min/max %
    Sets the desired B height against D (here B is between 35-45% of D):
  • width R shoulder = L shoulder + x%
    Sets the width of Right shoulder against Left shoulder
    0% (nothing extra, just the same width as Left shoulder)
    100% (Right shoulder area is double as large as the Left shoulder):
    -70% (Right shoulder area much narrower than Left shoulder):
  • maximum visible patterns:
    Set the maximum visible amount of patterns

This script uses one of the latest fantastic Pinescript features:
linefill and for ... in loop

版本注释: Code improvement
版本注释: update
版本注释: update

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