True Momentum Oscillator

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The True Momentum Oscillator (TMO) calculates the delta of the price using the open and close. We have taken the true momentum oscillator a step further and have added the momentum of the main signal (TMO) and the smooth signal line. We believe this helps give a clearer picture of price momentum and helps verify crossovers of the TMO and the smooth signal line. The momentum lines can also help confirm a divergence of the TMO. We have also added multiple moving average options so the user can customize the TMO to suit their needs.

TMO- Green when above Smooth Signal Line, red when below Smooth Signal Line
Smooth Signal- Gray Line
Histogram- TMO-Smooth Signal
TMO Momentum- Orange line
Smooth Signal Momentum- Yellow line
Overbought/Oversold regions- Gray highlighted boundaries

The TMO has defined overbought and oversold regions where either a crossover signal or divergence in the oscillator itself can be taken as a signal. Similar to the MACD, a crossover of the zero line by the TMO can also be utilized as a signal.
-added bar coloring for when the tmo crosses the signal line

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