Crypto Tipster Pro

Crypto Tipster Pro Strategy

Crypto Tipster Pro is a trading strategy with indicators based on Technical Analysis , Price Action and Momentum Swings for TradingView's charting platform.

We've compiled and continue to maintain a trading strategy that adapts to changes in the market; with custom indicator settings, fixed SL/TP, Trailing Stop, Safe Mode, Heikin Ashi Confirmation, Multi-Time Frame Analysis and more!

Our efforts have been focused towards the 1D time frame - using a larger time frame benefits most part-time or evening traders in multiple ways, catching bigger swings and earning a higher percentage per trade, the ability to reduce or remove any leverage associated with the trade, and only having to place a trade or move a stop loss ONCE per day ~ Meaning you are still able to go to work, tidy the house, play with the kids AND be a successful trader.


What's Included?
Crypto Tipster Pro comes with a host of features and is being continually updated, these features include (but are not limited to):

- Date Range Settings
Setting custom Start/End dates can help hone your strategy to suit the current times, or get a general overview of the market over the years.

- Heikin Ashi Confirmation
We added HA confirmation for both Entry & Exit of trades. This started as a form of "Safe Mode", we have since adapted this mode beyond Heikin Ashi; but kept this confirmation as an added extra.

- Variable Indicator Settings
As well as our Fixed Indicators and Price Action analysis going on in the background of the strategy, we've also included some Variable Indicators that you have access to edit.

Trend Detection Length for detecting trend over a given length! Higher numbers detect longer trends, but will inevitably make fewer trades and possibly miss the start of a new trend; a lower length will create more opportunities to trade but may get confused when in choppy markets.

Range Short/Long Lengths are used for detecting percentage price movements over a given number of bars back. This enables you to effectively "zoom in" on market data and catch trends within trends.

- Safe Mode
Enabling Safe Mode will add a couple more confirmation indicators to the strategy - the aim of Safe Mode is, in essence, to remove any trading signals that would end of being false/bad moves. Usually resulting in less Overall Trades, a higher Net Profit, higher % Profitable, higher Profit Factor AND a lower Drawdown. Use Safe Mode to help eliminate orders that would otherwise be placed in choppy markets.

- Stop Loss/Take Profit Settings
This is where Crypto Tipster Pro really proves itself, Money Management. We have an editable Fixed SL/TP, as well as Trailing Stops for Long or Short orders, all of which you can use on their own, or combined with each other. Playing with these settings can turn an un-profitable system into a very-profitable trading plan!

- Custom Stop Loss Indicator
This is a little extra indicator that we have found very useful over the years of trading markets, a custom Stop Loss Indicator. Simply turn it on, enter the price you want to calculate from, tick Long or Short, enter a % movement and see your new stop loss level plotted on the chart. This is especially useful for when the strategy doesn't marry up with the prices you've actually obtained (for better or for worse!)

We've tried to make this strategy as comprehensive and as accurate as possible, it works consistently over many trading pairs on many time frames. We would however Love your assistance! -please forward any notes or helpful tips to us either by commenting below, on Twitter or a direct message through our website.


For more information and a FREE 7-Day Trial with the Crypto Tipster Pro Strategy visit the link in our signature.

Good Luck and Happy Trading!
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Tweaked some code to better represent HA & MTF Confirmation
- Various minor code updates
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Bug fix regarding MTF Alerts
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Strategy Entry now on Bar Close (instead of next bar open)
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Tweaked Entry/Exit Orders to ease setup lag and aid future updates
- Added more parameters to Safe Mode (Adjustable Fast/Slow Lengths)
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Added new Stop Loss Function!
High/Low Stops find the recent swing high or low over the last bars, and place your Trailing Stop at these levels
You can also tweak this Stop level by adding a percentage tolerance to it. (Place your stop 1% below the recent swing low, for example)
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Bug fix for new H/L Stop
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Added Partial Take Profit Levels - You can now add up to 3 TP levels based on a % of your entry price, set at 1 for a single 100% TP, set at 2 for 50% TP over two levels, and 3 for 33% TP over three levels. Simple!
版本注释: - UPDATE
- Bug fix for MTF Study Calculation
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Added plots for Fib Levels
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Minor fix for HHLL Stop Loss
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Minor updates to code efficiency
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Major update to Alerts system, new features include UnRealised PnL%, Realised PnL%. Better layout for signals to Discord, and no more "false" signals!
- Major update to Strategy/Script, we've had to temporarily remove our "MTF Mode" as under certain circumstances it would not reflect chart events accurately. This mode will be back as soon as we can!
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Added v2.32
版本注释: UPDATE -
- Minor amendment to Fixed SL
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