Automatic Closest FVG with BPR

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Fair Value Gaps are a hugely popular concept and because of that there are numerous indicators available. This one however, was designed to automate the process of actually using them in trading.
Designed with lower time frame entries in mind (though will work on HTF just as well), this indicator automatically draws the closest, non-mitigated FVG, to the current price, cutting out the work of looking for what FVG is relevant.
The indicator also has an option to show when the current nearest pair of FVGs form a BPR or 'balanced price range'.
There are various option for what counts as mitigation, including no mitigation at all, and when mitigated an FVG is no longer considered for proximity searching.
Fixed 'no mitigation' option, which was not using the lookback length.
Added some new customisation options to define the line styles and widths, and also define the minimum gap you want the FVGs to have. Less than this the FVGs will be excluded.
Added functionality for 1, 5, 10, 15 and 30 second timeframes.

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