Recursive Micro Zigzag

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🎲 Overview

Zigzag is basic building block for any pattern recognition algorithm. This indicator is a research-oriented tool that combines the concepts of Micro Zigzag and Recursive Zigzag to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of price patterns. This indicator focuses on deriving zigzag on multiple levels in more efficient and enhanced manner in order to support enhanced pattern recognition.

The Recursive Micro Zigzag Indicator utilises the Micro Zigzag as the foundation and applies the Recursive Zigzag technique to derive higher-level zigzags. By integrating these techniques, this indicator enables researchers to analyse price patterns at multiple levels and gain a deeper understanding of market behaviour.

🎲 Concept:

Micro Zigzag Base: The indicator utilises the Micro Zigzag concept to capture detailed price movements within each candle. It allows for the visualisation of the sequential price action within the candle, aiding in pattern recognition at a micro level.

Basic implementation of micro zigzag can be found in this link - Micro-Zigzag

Recursive Zigzag Expansion: Building upon the Micro Zigzag base, the indicator applies the Recursive Zigzag concept to derive higher-level zigzags. Through recursive analysis of the Micro Zigzag's pivots, the indicator uncovers intricate patterns and trends that may not be evident in single-level zigzags.

Earlier implementations of recursive zigzag can be found here:

Recursive Zigzag
Recursive Zigzag - Trendoscope

And the libraries

The major differences in this implementation are
  • Micro Zigzag Base - Earlier implementation made use of standard zigzag as base whereas this implementation uses Micro Zigzag as base
  • Not cap on Pivot depth - Earlier implementation was limited by the depth of level 0 zigzag. In this implementation, we are trying to build the recursive algorithm progressively so that there is no cap on the depth of level 0 zigzag. But, if we go for higher levels, there is chance of program timing out due to pine limitations.

These algorithms are useful in automatically spotting patterns on the chart including Harmonic Patterns, Chart Patterns, Elliot Waves and many more.
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