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High-Low Index is a breadth indicator based on Record High Percent (RHP). RHP is based on new 52-week highs and new 52-week lows. RHP => 100 * (new highs) / (new highs + new lows). High-Low Index is a 10-day Simple Moving Average of the RHP, which makes it a smoothed version of RHP. You can find many articles about High-Low Index on the net.

High-Low Index above 50 indicates that there are more new highs than new lows, and considered as Bullish.
High-Low Index below 50 indicates that there are more new lows than new highs, and considered as Bearish.
High-Low Index = 0 indicates there is no new highs (0% new highs).
High-Low Index = 100 indicates that there is at least 1 new high and no new lows.
and High-Low Index = 50 indicates that new highs and new lows is equal.

by default 40 cryptos are used in the script and shows High-Low Index for these cryptos. but you can change them as you wish. for example you can set all of them as stocks and see High-Low Index for these stocks.

You can set "Time frame" and the "Length" using the options. For example; if you set "Time frame" = 1 Week and the "Length" = 52 then it finds High-Low Index for 52weeks.
or another example; if you set "Time frame" = 1 Day and the "Length" = 22 the High-Low Indexn it finds High-Low Index for 22days.
You can enable/disable Record High Percent or Simple Moving Average of High-Low Index. Some traders use High-Low Index with its SMA, for example; High-Low Index generates a buy signal when it crosses above its moving average, and a sell signal when it crosses below its moving average.

Optionally you can see the securities in a table on the left bottom, you can change table size by usşng the options.
In the Table, for each security/cell;
=> if background is green then it has New High
=> if background is red then it has New Low
=> if background is gray then no New High, no New Low
=> if background is back then Data is not available for the security

As you can see in the screenshot below, the securities were changed and stocks are used instead of cryptos, so it calculates & shows High-Low Index for these stocks.
you can also find explanation in this screenshot:


"Show Exchange Info in the Table" option added. by default it's not enabled. if you enable it then the Exchange info for each security is shown in the table. Thanks to @Duyck
Fixed for invalid symbols.


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