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The large funds or banker fund are often referred to as Whale. Whale can have a significant impact on the price movements in various markets, especially in cryptocurrency . Therefore, how to monitor Whale trends is of great significance both in terms of fundamentals and technical aspects. I had published (blackcat1402) L3 Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator as open sourced version. Since this indicator is one of the most popular indicators in my collections. Many requested advanced features and improvements on accuracy. Here is the link of free version of L3 Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator:


L5 Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator X can give you a model of complete banker fund flow operation in cycles. Compared to L3 free and open source version, it contains more advanced algorithms to provide entries. It is comprehensive to disclose the price trend with dynamic overbought and oversold tables. Compared to L4, which is also powerful, but they are using different banker fund engines. L4 is more suitable for those who have been used to L3 already. L5 is slightly different in visual effect and algorithm core, which is much different to L4 and L3. It can depict much clearer trajectory of banker fund as an oscillator. That is the reason why I list this as Level 5, which is closed source and invited-only. Unlike L4, whose cycle of banker fund flow may have 5 steps in max as entry, increase position, decrease position, exit, and weak rebound for exit, L5 only have buy and sell signal with a customized entry signal filter to filter out crowded entry signals.

This indicator derives from "(blackcat) L3 Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator". Therefore, it is an oscillator indicator with overbought and oversold threshold levels. However, it combine several novel indicators together but mainly focus on Whale Jump (Whale Pump and Whale Dump), Blackcat1402 featured supertrend indicator (entry signal = supertrend && oscillator signal), trading risk assessment indicator.

In case you are not familiar my indicators:

(blackcat) L5 Whales Jump Out of Ocean X:

(blackcat) L1 Trading Risk Assessment Indicator (I inverted it in this indicator here):

(blackcat) L4 Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator:

Indicator Set

Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator X, providing swing oscillator and entry signal.
Blackcat1402 Featured Supertrend, providing colors (green for bull and red for bear) on CurrentSafetyLevel of "Trading Risk Assessment Indicator".
Whales Jump Out of Ocean X, whale pumps and dumps
Trading Risk Assessment Indicator, output CurrentSafetyLevel, which is a large time frame oscillator ranging from overbought and oversold zones.


EntryFiltPeriod --> Entry Signal Filter Period, default value is 5, which means crowded entry signal in future 5 bars will be ignored.
Safe Bottom --> User defined safe bottom threshold.
Risky Top --> User defined risky top threshold.
Oscillator Center --> define the center value of Oscillator X, which will influence long entry signal generation
Whale Scaler --> A scaling factor input to see whale dumps and pump more clearly in vision.
The other inputs --> Oscillator divergence inputs.
Golden Cross --> According to community feedbacks, popular L3 Yellow Candles for Banker Fund Entry are added Now. It is represented as a Yellow Cross and You can activate and deactivate them in indicator settings.
Dynamic OS/OB tables --> They are hidden commonly but appear only when OB or OS is happening on top right corner or bottom right corner respectively. Values are visiable for you to judge instant trend reversals.

Key Signal

Yellow bars --> Oscillator long
Fuchsia bars --> Oscillator short
Green columns --> CurrentSafetyLevel values and Supertrend long
Red columns --> CurrentSafetyLevel values and Supertrend short
Fuchsia Zone --> Overbought region
Yellow Zone --> Oversold region
Buy-Sell Labels --> "AND" output of Supertrend and Oscillator Entry Signal: Green for "Buy" and Red for "Sell".
Bull-Bear Labels --> Oscillator divergence signal: Yellow for "Bull" and Fuchsia for "Bear".
Long Whales / Banker Pump--> fuchsia and red stick bars (Motive waves with fuchsia color; corrective waves with red color)
Short Whales / Banker Dump --> yellow and red green stick bars (Motive waves with yellow color; corrective waves with green color)

Pros and Cons

Suitable for discretionary trading and auto trading with alerts.
Intuitive and effective, the output signal is more reliable after multi-indicator resonance.


My first L5 indicator published


500 Tradingview Coins per Monthly Sub.
500X10 Tradingview Coins per Yearly Sub.
I upgrade it again since many reported the golden cross or golden buy labels and alerts are not working...
As suggested by many, I added "Fuchsia Cross" for sell signal which is using the similar algorithm of "Yellow Cross". Labels and alerts are added.
SELL label --> standard sell
BUY label ---> standard buy
GBUY ---> Golden buy
FSELL ---> Fuchsia sell

Alert on Yellow BUY ---> YBUY!
Alert on Fuchsia BUY ---> FSell!
Alert on BUY ---> BUY!
Alert on SELL --> SELL!
Correct typo 'Alert on Fuchsia BUY' into 'Alert on Fuchsia SELL'
As requested, I add plot signal for zendog backtest as:
/////////////// Plotting ///////////////
plot(buy ? 1:0, title="buy", title="Buy", display=display.none) //plot for buy icon
plot(sell ? 1:0, title="sell", title="Sell", display=display.none)
As suggested, get rid of latest bar repaint.

Monthly fee for each L4/L5 indicator is 5USD, and the annual fee is 50USD, and the equivalent payment is sufficient for subscription:
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