脚本用来将sma和布林带统一呈现, 方便及时捕捉价格的走势与波动区间. 只要简单地修改SMA的两条线, 布林带的中间线同时作为SMA的第三条长周期参考线也作为布林带的基础计算曲线, 一线双用节省资源.
The script is used to present the sma and Bollinger bands in a unified manner, which is convenient to capture the price trend and fluctuation range in time. Just simply modify the two lines of the SMA , and the middle line of the Bollinger bands serves as the third long-period reference line of the SMA and also serves as the Bollinger bands The basic calculation curve, one-line dual-use saves resources.
版本注释: 添加价格涨跌参考线.
Add a reference line for price rise and fall.
版本注释: 增加调整参数.Increase adjustment parameters.

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