Topfinder Bottomfinder pivot matcher Midas- jayy

Midas Technical Analysis: A VWAP Approach to Trading and Investing in Today’s Markets by
Andrew Coles, David G. Hawkins Copyright © 2011 by Andrew Coles and David G. Hawkins.
Appendix C: TradeStation Code for the MIDAS Topfinder/Bottomfinder Curves ported to tradingview
This code is used to assist in adjusting D volume to intersect pivot candle at a pivot candle when using this script: Top Bottom Finder Public version- Jayy found here: The "n" number entered into the TB-F script is the topfinder/bottomfinder starting point or anchor
Be sure to enter the correct number in the "Topfinder bottomfinder initiation/anchor candle: 1 for CANDLE low - top finder, 2 for CANDLE high - bottom finder, 3 for CANDLE MIDPOINT ( hl2 ) dialogue box
The location of the match point of the pivot candle is extremely important in the: "Match to PIVOT CANDLE: use 1 for CANDLE low, 2 for midtail of the candle below the BODY, 3 for candle BODY low, 4 for CANDLE HIGH, 5 for midpoint of candletail above body, 6 for candle BODY high". Do not
confuse body high with candle high. The body low will either be the candle open or close. The body high will be either the open or close.
If you expect a trend up the pivot candle is likely the low of the pivot candle ie 1 (2 and 3 are alternatives).
In a trend down the high of the pivot candle is often selected ie 4 (5 or 6 are alternatives)

If the candle body is aqua increase D volume if it is orange reduce D volume . Adjust iteratively until the candle body turns yellow. That will mean that the TB-F line passes through the pivot candle at the selected point.

Sep 24
版本注释: Fixed a script issue pointed out in the comments by sal157011.
The Top Bottom Finder as seen in the upper panel is here:
Sep 24
版本注释: Just tried to show text better on screen
Sep 24
版本注释: one more try
Sep 24
版本注释: .
Sep 24
版本注释: Sal157011 found identified some errors in lines 101 to 105 ish. : "appears four 8's which should be 68, 78, 88 and 98". The same fixes were applied to the Top Bottom Finder
Sep 24
版本注释: .
Sep 24
版本注释: Here are the screen notes. I seem to have some problems getting them to display:
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