Gridimus Maximus

Gridimus ‎Maximus draws N grid lines stepping by price or percent in chosen direction from set price, or draws N grid lines stepping by ‎pivots.

The queue function method used is adapted from an example provided on the PineCoders website, much gratitude to LucF for this gem!

To prevent grid lines out of range from causing chart to rescale right click on chart's price column and enable Scale Price Chart Only.

Pictured example above is using Type Of Increment: Steps By ‎Pivot, Number Of Steps: 5.

Pictured example below is using Type Of Increment: Steps By Price, Number Of Steps: 6, Starts From Price: $10k, Steps By Percent Or Price: $10k.

Pictured example below is using Type Of Increment: Steps By Percent, Number Of Steps: 7, Starts From Price: $10k, Steps By Percent Or Price: 33%.

NOTICE: This is an example script and not meant to be used as an actual strategy. By using this script or any portion thereof, you acknowledge that you have read and understood that this is for research purposes only and I am not responsible for any financial losses you may incur by using this script!
版本注释: Revision 1

Enabled adjustable transparency for grid lines.
版本注释: Revision 2

Added ability to specify number of bars to the left and right of ‎pivot. Reducing number of bars to the right of ‎pivot increases responsiveness.

Made the following cosmetic changes to default line style: Dotted Yellow.

版本注释: Revision 3

Cosmetic change, added padding for better alignment.
版本注释: Revision 4

Added option ‎Pivot Higher Timeframe.
版本注释: Revision 5

Added adjustable line width and changed default color to Gray for better viewing compatibility with both Dark & Light themes.
版本注释: Revision 6

Added option Grid Lines Extend, setting this option to Right allows the age of each ‎Pivot to be seen as shown in pictured example below.

版本注释: Revision 7

Improved alignment when using Grid Lines Extend: Right with higher timeframe ‎pivots. Added option to show price labels as shown in pictured example below.


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500 代币
@dgtrd, thank you for both the kindness and the coins, much appreciated!
Can you add the alert function?
+2 回复
Super useful!
allanster extazzy666
@extazzy666, great to hear, just updated with option to extend lines right from moment of each pivot.
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extazzy666 allanster
@allanster, is it possible to add price label for each level?
allanster extazzy666
@extazzy666, added option to show price labels.
just a wish. It would be great if you could make a study showing the fibo levels from the beginning to the current date.
allanster CSFXTrader
@CSFXTrader, thanks for your interest and suggestion.

In this script the X axis of "Steps by Percent" and "Steps by Price" are unbounded by time, so there is not a "beginning" time but rather only a "beginning" price. It would require either adding a stopping price for manual mode or alternatively utilizing pivots for the starting and stopping points of the Fibonacci levels. While using pivots the levels could potentially update too frequently depending on how relaxed the pivot settings were, but I may consider adding this option in the future.

Meanwhile I would encourage you to look at some of the excellent Fibonacci scripts done by @dgtrd, he has many of them:
@allanster Can this do steps number of pips?