Period Candle Counter

This is a very simple utility indicator.
Shockingly nothing similar was available and I really needed something to quickly count period lengths by candles (to make adjustments to indicators based on a desired lookback timeframe), so I created this.

I thought I would share it because chances are if I needed something like this, other people may need it, too.

What it does:
Its really simple and this really truly is just a utility indicator that gives you raw information to make adjustments to other indicators. It just counts the number of candles in a user defined period of time.
It will count the number of red candles, green candles and then display the total candle count.
It will also display in percent (i.e. 52% green candles vs 48% red candles, etc.).
Its point and click, so once launched you just click the area you want to start the count and click the area you want to end the count.

Personally, I use it to make adjustments to timeframe lengths on indicators that look at averages and also on my time series indicator. If I want the price average or range for a specific period in time (say, the past 1.5 days of an uptrend), I will use this to count the candles in that period so that I can manually adjust whichever indicator to the correct lookback length, as most indicators are adjusted by candle length (i.e. 1 candle, 2 candles, 3 candles, etc.)

And that's it, pretty straight forward. Honestly pretty boring but its actually really pivotal for me to make adjustments to certain indicators.

Hope you find it helpful, too!

Safe trades!


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