RSI Screener / Heatmap - By Leviathan

This script allows you to quickly scan the market by displaying the RSI values of up to 280 tickers at once and visualizing them in an easy-to-understand format using labels with heatmap coloring.

📊 Source
The script can display the RSI from a custom timeframe (MTF) and custom length for the following data:
- Price
- OBV (On Balance Volume)
- Open Interest (for crypto tickers)

📋 Ticker Selection
This script uses a different approach for selecting tickers. Instead of inputting them one by one via input.symbol(), you can now copy-paste or edit a list of tickers in the text area window. This approach allows users to easily exchange ticker lists between each other and, for example, create multiple lists of tickers by sector, market cap, etc., and easily input them into the script. Full credit to @allanster for his functions for extracting tickers from the text. Users can switch between 7 groups of 40 tickers each, totaling 280 tickers.

🖥️ Display Types
- Screener with Labels: Each ticker has its own color-coded label located at its RSI value.
- Group Average RSI: A standard RSI plot that displays the average RSI of all tickers in the group.
- RSI Heatmap (coming soon): Color-coded rows displaying current and historical values of tickers.
- RSI Divergence Heatmap (coming soon): Color-coded rows displaying current and historical regular/hidden bullish/bearish divergences for tickers.

🎨 Appearance
Appearance is fully customizable via user inputs, allowing you to change heatmap/gradient colors, zone coloring, and more.

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