Pullback Warning

The Pullback Warning indicator is a simple indicator that highlights the potential for a market pullback, by measuring distances between certain key moving averages.

John Pocorobba recently shared in his general market updates, research showing that when the distance between the closing price and the 9 day exponential moving average is greater than the distance between the 9 day exponential moving average and the 20 day exponential moving average a pullback is likely.

While this condition occurs frequently, I added sensitivity options to try and filter out the noise. The sensitivity is based on the closing price’s extension from the 50 day simple moving average. Depending on your level of sensitivity, only signals that occur when price is extended either 5, 6, or 7 percent away from the 50 sma will be plotted.

Choose how to see the signal:
  • Highlight Background
  • Plot a symbol at desired location

Note this signal works best on indexes, not individual securities.


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