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Welles Wilder (delta phenomenon) a 4-day rotation indicator
PVAC is the acronym Alan uses for a four-day rotation cycle. The cycle itself is circularly continuous every days of the week, forever, including every holiday. Thus if, for instance, Monday was a P, Tuesday is V, Wednesday is A, Thursday is C. At this point the cycle repeats, with Friday being P, Saturday being V, Sunday being A, and the following Monday being C.
Having started, the cycle never changes. While each day tends to have the characteristics shown below, like all cycle tools, there are inversions, which will last a cycle or at times even more, and have reasonable odds of inverting regularly.
A trader who wants to incorporate a four-day rotation cycle into their work is encouraged to study for themselves whether this adds value.

Day: V-day Color: Red Characteristics: Closes well for bulls; Use your fleece bars Bar8 and Bar11; Bar8 open often a V-day return target; 'V' return comes early in day in bear moves, late in day in bullish moves

Day: A-day Color: Blue Characteristics: Closes poorly for bulls; Use your fleece bars 8 and 11; Generally 'A' shaped, but may have a kick-leg after 3pm

Day: C-day Color: Orange Characteristics: Consolidation day, aka 'consoly' day. It may not chop, but it may have an
accumulation or distribution quality to the action; Trade often and trade fast; Pattern traders fade 4HHs and 4LLs with backfill/pullbacks 3 bars later; Apexes and angulars tend to have less importance; Numerical traders trade after Bar8 open and use support one horizontal below, resistance one horizontal above; C-day opens often at the 25%; The afternoon action tends to be opposite to the morning action

Day: P-day Color: Green Characteristics: Often a trend day. Find the trend and enter it; Often opens at the 75%; Trade P-days against a quartile; Watch for price to be above/below the first apex: buy above or sell below ; Do not fade dead zone, minimal trading
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