MTF Heiken Ashi (No Repaint)

Hi there. This indicator is inspired by Heiken Ashi MTF (by @jdmonto0).

The problem with that indicator was that it repaints and I tried to solve that.

I figured that the reason the other version repaints was because the heiken ashio calculation is based on the close of the candle, and since the higher timeframe candle hasn't closed yet, the value of previous candles on a lower timeframe can change.

This version bases the calculation on the previous bar, which solves the repainting problem.

Please tell me what you think about it.

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Thank you for all the likes and support. I'm really touched by the response I got, even as this is my first script on Tradingview.
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+1 for the alert function, perfect way to find out missing trades and repainting
I had a question! Sent you a DM, thank you for the upload by the way!
Thank you for your great work! Is it possible that you could add a alert function? It would be nice if I could get notificated when all time frames are red or green
@AH2022, Thanks for your contribution.

I would add that to the update I will do soon.
Feel free to dm me if you have a suggestion about the indicator, or any idea you have