Jurik MacD & Leader NCM

hey everyone,

While there are some Invite-Only Jurik MacDs, there are no free/open ones, so I thought I'd create one and publish it. It has most of the bells and whistles you'd want (I hope!).

You can see one with the bells and whistles all turned on in the first, and a 'quieter' one in the second.


Why Jurik?

The Jurik MA is a quicker and smoother Exponential MA, and the best of all MAs, according to Jurik Research (lol). To be fair. I have found it to be excellent, and that is why I'm publishing this.

Power can be changed, recommended from 1-4: increasing it pulls it closer to the current price (almost like reducing the period), and decreasing: vice versa.

Phase increases the inertia of the line, how quickly it will respect price changes. It is usual to have less inertia on the fast JMA, and more on the slower (but remember the MACD line is the FastJMA minus the SlowJMA, so you may find adjusting power and phase on Signal line more effective). Search online for JurikRes (or Jurik Research) for more detailed information about the Jurik.

In the coding I have included a list of four different ways to set up the JMAs: however, you should probably tune this to your preferred asset (as with almost all indicators). If you find a good setup, please let me know!

You could trade with a MacD a number of ways. Entries could be:
- MacD crossing the zero line
- MacD crossing over the Signal line
- Histogram crossing above zero line.
Vice versa for exits. If this isn't enough, please google 'trading with a MacD'.

No indicator is perfect for trading, and that includes this one! Don't trade unless you know what you're doing.


Please let me know if I can improve this script, or you have any other feedback. I can post code for colour palette as well if that is something anyone is keen on.


Thanks to the many excellent coders that publish freely their code. I have learned so much from this community, and this code is based on the work of others (Chris Moody and everget).

Shout out to StevieMagg as well, who has helped me develop (and didn't want to charge me!). The Pine Script Community on Discord has been brilliant - lots of knowledge, ideas, support - thanks guys.

If you are new and interested in pine coding, I suggest you check out some of the masters (in no order):


and more that I am missing. It is not necessarily the popular scripts that are the best.


Kind regards,



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