Scalping with Bill Williams Alligator

Scalping strategy based on Bill Williams Alligator technique but calculated with heikin ashi candles.
This strategy has to be applied to standard candles and low time frames (1min to 5min)

Thanks to all pinescripters mentined in the code for their snippets.

It could be improved with stop loss based on ATR etc.

I have also a study with alerts.

Please use comment section for any feedback or contact me if you need support.

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Hi there, @03.freeman
Quick q.
I run this on e-mini with 1 min bar. with amazing results.
however.. it seems that buy signal on bar only appears while the next bar already started.. any ideas?

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hey can i get the script with the alert ? and when you say it could be improved based on stop loss ATR ? you mean like add that in the pine-script ? im new here 4-weeks and counting
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It doesnt work .. 10 times in a row it said buy or sell and close over the sell or buy point
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by far one of the most accurate ones ive used so far.
paulie2137 javjimen1996
@javjimen1996, really??
javjimen1996 paulie2137
@paulie2137, as of now yes im still new to trading on tradingview but so far this one has been the only one that sent me good signals
I have sent you message on chat, please check.

and i only have 1 indicator i really need some good ones for fast HFX , day and night trading
Good indicator. Interested in the alert one.