Crypto/DXY Scoring


This indicator "Crypto/DXY Scoring", a multi-purpose script, consists of various comparison statistics (including an alternative RS/RSMOM model) to show the strength of a currency against the DXY.

  • "Contrived" RS/RSMOM alternative model
  • Compare the strength of the crypto currency on your chart to any asset (DXY default)
  • Glass's ∆
  • Z-comparison
  • Hedges' g
  • Cliff's Delta
  • Z-score for log returns
  • RRG graph (with adjusted dimensions) Traditional RRG graph coming soon (:

Let's go over some simplified interpretations of what's shown on the chart!

The image above provides generalized interpretations for the three of the data series plotted by the indicator.

The image above further explains the other plots for the indicator!

The image above shows the final result!

Underlying Theory

"When the dollar is strong as indicated by the DXY, it usually means that investors are seeking safety in traditional assets. Bitcoin (crypto) is often considered a "risk-on" asset, meaning investors might sell BTC in favor of holding dollars, thus driving BTC prices down."

Given the complexities associated with this relationship, including its contentious implications and a variable correlation between crypto and the DXY, this theory is one within a plethora.

That said, regardless of accuracy, this indicator adheres to the theory outlined above (:

The image above shows the purpose of the red/lime columns and the corresponding red/green lines.

Should the crypto on your chart and the DXY (or comparison symbol) exhibit negative correlation, and should the performance of DXY (or comparison symbol) hold any predictive utility for the subsequent performance of the crypto on your chart, the red columns violating the red line might indicate an upcoming "dump" for the crypto on your chart.

Lime green columns violating the green line may indicator an inverse response.

Alternative Relative Rotation Graph

In its current state, the alternated dimensions for the Relative Rotation Graph cause it to function more as a "Relative Performance Graph".

Fear not; a traditional RRG graph is coming soon!

The image above shows our alternative RRG!


With this model, you can quickly/intuitively assess the relative performance of the display cryptos against an index of their performance.

The image above shows generalized interpretations of the model!

That's it for this indicator! Thank you for checking it out; more to come (:


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