Money Management_V2 [javadmhs]

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Hi every one

you can use this indicator in your trades for money and risk management.
Very easy to use. Just enter the requested information of your trade and see the amount of money you need to enter into a transaction. Also you can see your pnl%.

Risk = The amount of money that if you lose, does not matter to you. This will be a percentage of your total capital.
Balance = your total capital.
Leverage = If you trade in future, you can use this. set it 1 in spot.
Commision = The amount of exchange fee.
Usable Cap = The amount of money you should enter into a transaction, depending on your risk.
PNL% = Amount of profit and loss.

You Can use this for Short and Long.

Let me know if you see a problem.
Added entry and exit alerts

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