Daily and Weekly Sweep - Liquidity

Daily and Weekly Sweep – Liquidity


The script is designed to illustrate the sweeps of the high and low of the previous day and week. The larger the ratio of shares traded to the percentage price change, the more deep and liquid the market is presumed to be, therefore the market maker always seeks liquidity. Liquidity rests above previous highs and below previous lows as many traders see these as obvious points to place their stops. These are areas on the chart where many orders are placed together and serve as tipping points for market makers. The script focuses on the previous day and week. We can assume these are potential areas for mitigation.

How to use:

The indicator plots the highs and lows of the previous day and week. On default, it also shows the high and low price for the first 8 hours of the opening day of the week. Users can customise this in settings. The weekly open is also plotted. The background changes colour once a daily/weekly high or low has been breached and stops at the extreme point of price. These areas may provide points of interest in the future.

A good understanding of supply and demand , order blocks, market structure, and how to identify fresh levels is expected to utilise it's full potential.

Alert function added for:

- Daily Sweep
- Weekly Sweep

Indicator in use: