MACD Triangle Trigger Indicator by thebearfib

The MACD Cross Triangle Indicator is a powerful tool for traders who rely on the MACD's signal line crossovers to make informed trading decisions. This indicator enhances the traditional MACD by allowing users to customize triggers for bullish and bearish signals and by displaying these signals directly on the chart with visually distinctive labels.

Customizable Color Scheme:Choose distinct colors for bullish and bearish signals to fit your chart's theme or your personal preference.

Flexible Trigger Conditions: Select from a variety of trigger conditions based on MACD and signal line behaviors over a specified number of bars back.

Visual Signal Indicators: Bullish and bearish signals are marked with upward and downward triangles, making it easy to spot potential entry or exit points.

Detailed Trigger Descriptions: A comprehensive table lists all available triggers and their descriptions, aiding in selection and understanding of each trigger's mechanism.

Configuration Options

Bullish and Bearish Colors: Customize the color of the labels for bullish (upward) and bearish (downward) signals.

Trend Lookback Period: Choose how far back (in bars) the indicator should look to determine the trend, affecting the calculation of certain triggers.

Trigger Selection for Bullish and Bearish Signals: Pick specific triggers for both bullish and bearish conditions from a list of 10 different criteria, ranging from MACD crossovers to historical comparisons of MACD, signal line, and histogram values.

Label Size and Font Settings: Adjust the size of the signal labels on the chart and the font size of the trigger descriptions table to ensure readability and fit with your chart layout.

Trigger Descriptions Table Position and Color: Customize the position and color of the trigger descriptions table to match your chart's aesthetic and layout preferences.

Trigger Mechanisms
Trigger 1 to 10: Each trigger corresponds to a specific condition involving the MACD line, signal line, and histogram. These include crossovers, directional changes compared to previous bars, and comparisons of current values to historical values.

1. Select Trigger Conditions: Choose the desired triggers for bullish and bearish signals based on your trading strategy.

2. Customize Visuals: Set your preferred colors for the bullish and bearish labels, adjust label and font sizes, and configure the trigger descriptions table.

3. Analyze Signals: Watch for the upward (bullish) and downward (bearish) triangles to identify potential trading opportunities based on MACD crossover signals.

The MACD Cross Triangle Indicator offers a customizable and visually intuitive way to leverage MACD crossover signals for trading. With its flexible settings and clear signal indicators, traders can tailor the indicator to fit their strategy and improve their decision-making process on TradingView.


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