Sushi Trend [HG]

🍣 The Sushi Roll, a trading concept conceived at a restaurant by Mark Fisher.
While the indicator itself goes by Sushi Trend, it is completely backed by the idea of Mark Fisher's Sushi Roll Reversal Pattern. No, it has nothing to do with raw fish, it just so happens that somebody was ordering sushi during the discussion of the idea, and that's how it got its name.

📝 Origin
First mentioned in his book, The Logical Trader --- the idea of the Sushi Roll is to serve as an early warning system to identify reversals in the market. Fisher defines the pattern as a series of 10 bars, split into two different sections, seen as 5 and 5. In order for the pattern to be emitted, the 5 bars to the right must completely engulf the 5 bars to the left. It's not a super complex system and is in fact extremely simple to grasp.

📈 Supertrend Similarities
Instead of displaying the pattern in the way Fisher meant for it to be portrayed (as seen in the photo above), I instead turned it into an indicator similar to that of Supertrend while also inheriting the same concepts from the pattern. I did this because the pattern itself has inconsistencies which can be quite noticeable when trading with it after a while. For example, these patterns can occur even during consolidating periods, and even though the pattern is meant to be recognized during trending markets, the engulfing bars can sometimes be left with indecisive directions.

➡️ The Result
Here is the result, visualized to be better in a trending format. (The indicator will not contain the boxes.)
While Fisher does mention the pattern to include 10 bars, you can actually use this pattern with any number of bars. At the end of the day, it's a concept derived from a discussion at a Japanese restaurant, and a pattern that has been around for years that has seen results. Due to this, I added an input option to control the series of bars for right-bar engulf detection.

To reassure the meaning of the pattern --> "A series of 10 bars" means 5 left bars and 5 right bars. So if you want to check if 5 right bars are engulfing the previous 5 bars (as seen in the photo above), you would want to select 5 in the input settings.

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