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Hello friends. I am glad to present for your attention one of my products based on the X-Volume indicator code. The "Earned" indicator shows how much money is earned on the market relative to actual timeframe. Accuracy is relative but nevertheless it is close to actual calculated figures.

How this information can help you? Moust easy interpritation -
1) Trend up - earnings up - bulls in the market.
2) Downward trend and earnings up - bears in the market.
3) Trend up - earnings down - fake growth.
4) Downward trend - earnings down - fake bears.
+ Updated Earned to Pro version.
+ Explore, apply, share with your friends. If you are blogger you can safely implement it for general good.

The indicator shows invaluable information:

1) purchased contracts
2) put up for purchase
3) contracts sold
4) put up for sale.

The dark colors are those volumes that were spent on formation of price movement. For example, a bullish candlestick and purchase of contracts predominates means that after such volume of purchases candle has become as it is. And vice versa: if sale predominates then after such volume of sales candle was formed like it is.

Light colors (put up for sale and put up for purchase) inform that there are indicated volume of sell or buy contracts in the candle's spread.

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