[blackcat] L1 Bullish Trend Indicator

#### Introduction
The " L1 Bullish Trend Indicator" is a unique tool designed for TradingView, tailored to identify and analyze bullish trends in the market. This guide provides an overview of its definition, history, calculation method, operations, and practical trading applications, tailored for both beginners and experienced traders.

#### Definition
- **Role in Technical Analysis**: Primarily identifies bullish trends by analyzing a combination of price and volume data.
- **Type of Indicator**: Classified as a trend indicator, it operates on multiple time frames, offering a comprehensive view of market momentum.

#### Calculation Method
- **Core Calculation**: Combines price action (hlc3 formula) and volume, calculating a series of Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) on this modified factor.
- **Timeframes**: Incorporates short, mid, and long-term analysis through specific length parameters like `len_shortterm1`, `len_midterm`, and `len_longterm`.
- **Output Interpretation**: Proportions calculated from SMAs indicate the relative strength of trends across different timeframes.

#### Basic Operations
- **Comparison with Similar Indicators**: Similar to SMAs and MACD but provides a more detailed multi-timeframe trend analysis.
- **Unique Features**: The multi-timeframe approach and price-volume factor analysis distinguish it from other trend indicators.
- **Practical Example**: A dominant long-term trend (blue candle) might suggest a more stable bullish trend compared to a short-term spike.

#### Style Settings
- **Visual Representation**: Utilizes `plotcandle` functions with specific colors for different trend conditions, enhancing the visual clarity.
- **Color Coding**: Yellow for short-term trends, fuchsia for skyrocket trends, red for mid-term, and blue for long-term trends.

#### Trading Applications
- **Identifying Trends**: Effective in signaling the start and strength of bullish trends in various markets.
- **Combination with Other Tools**: Can be used alongside tools like RSI or MACD for reinforced trading decisions.

#### Conclusion
The " L1 Bullish Trend Indicator" is a powerful tool for traders looking to understand and capitalize on bullish market trends. Its unique combination of price and volume analysis, along with multi-timeframe integration, makes it a valuable addition to any trader's toolkit. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, this indicator offers insights that can help refine your market analysis and trading strategies.

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