RSI with an Opinion (UO)

This RSI has a very clear idea about when to buy and sell. It plots buy and sell signals. It is an expert system. Yes, of course, it can make some errors. You should have used stop-loss
版本注释: Added purple arrows. Purple arrows are not a final decision. They are how it is likely to decide in the next step
版本注释: Refactored the decision into a single pine function so that it can be easily used in other scripts
从常用脚本中删除 添加到常用脚本


Hello my teacher
Is it possible to install the equation on any platform because I follow you from time and care for each Matkadm, but when you add your equations to the platform I have it shows an error I do not know what the problem
umur.ozkul psk14060
@psk14060, it works on any platform. For further help about your tech problem please contact TradingView Technical Support:
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