Displacement (Two FVGs)

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A simple indicator that attempts to identify displacement in price by alerting you when two simultaneous Fair Value Gaps (FVGs) occur.

When two fair value gaps occur, the indicator will print a green bar (if bullish) or a red bar (if bearish). If you right click on the indicator you can turn on alerts that will pop up every time a dual FVG occurs.

Fair Value Gaps are most commonly used amongst price action traders and are defined as instances in which there are inefficiencies, or imbalances, in the market.

The concept for this indicator is very simple. Apply it to your chart and enable alerts on the instruments and timeframe you trade. When you get an alert, it could indicate larger players getting involved.

This is NOT a trading strategy. Its intention is to save time by alerting you to large imbalances in price on the instruments you trade.

updated screenshot

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