Bitfinex BTC longs vs Short & Ratio

Since the last BTC Short Squeeze on Bitmex maintenance I decided to made a Indicator plotting Long:Short ratio, and their respective graphs.

Green = Longs
Red = Shorts
Black = Ratio (Longs:Shorts)*Close <= Close price just for chart normalization!

I hope you find it useful.

NOTE: It isn't a prospective indicator, but try to find out who's bitching the market and when ;p
Aug 24
版本注释: #Fixed a minor bug that didn't permit to scale the Ratio when swaping charts.

Working on adding some volume weighted index in here, stay aware!
Aug 24
版本注释: #Added Treand Breakout level
May 13
版本注释: Hey!
I updated the script
Now it might be more accurate, since the equation was fixed to actual variables.

#Black like = Open value/2 * Ratio.
This will give directionality to the Ratio, at the same time that weights the interest of the investors on BTC.

You should look for similar L/S Ratio setups to find similar PA on Bitcoin markets.

Hope you find it useful as I do.

从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
Check my ideas related to BTC, I use this script a lot and you might get an idea of how I use it.

Double top incoming?
BiO-618 Kurtimus
@Kurtimus, possibly ^^
At this time I'm kinda out of the market, that means I'm 50BTC 50USD, waiting for price to take some order upstream or downstream the current point :P
Imo the short's position decline means that a trend is getting exhausted, I think the relative impulssive wave that we experienced may be at the end.
Other ppl sees SHS and 20/50 EMAs Golden Crossing, but I think those patterns have already been seen for like 10th time since the initation of the correction, I don't buy it.
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Crack gracias
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