Auto-Support v 0.2

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Same script as the previous version with a slight twist

Have added (lines) "Transparency" to the settings to avoid having to edit every line individually ...

版本注释: *** Bug Fix version after today's error message issues ****

Anyone using previous versions is strongly advised to update

> Removed some higher s/r levels from the code
> Sensitivity can now only be set between 1 - 10, higher numbers cause the script to fail to load


Fairly simple script that automatically draws highs and lows for the past X periods at various intervals.

3 Settings :
"Sensitivity" which amounts to the horizontal separation from one high to the next high (default multiplicator : 10)
"Transparency" ... Multiple lines piling up at the same level will cause the s/r levels to be more or less visible.

Variable "b" which is the HEX color for resistances (default : red)
Variable "c" which is the HEX color for supports (default : blue)

More HEX color codes on http://www.hexcolortool.com/ (not my webpage :)

Feel free to edit the script to your taste.

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