Limited MACD

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what is "Limited MACD"?
it is macd but it has some useful additional features.

what it does?
it takes limited values ??just like rsi. The highest value it can take is 100 and the lowest value is -100. this way it gets the same highs and lows for different symbols and time slots. which means we can set overbought and oversold values ??with it. he also paints candles according to their values. The closer the price is to the oversold values, the more red, and the closer to the overbought values, the greener.

how it does it?
macd values ??are limited by dividing by extreme values. The macd value is used as the variable for the color.rgb function, this is used to get a different color for each macd value.

how to use it?
The variables in the settings section are the same as standard macd.

Use the colors to identify overbought and oversold zones and to predict possible price reversal points. also the indicator will mark possible turning points. other than that, its use is similar to standard macd and its limits are up to your imagination.

four hour:
one hour:
five minute:
we now use a more advanced conversion formula. Also, the styling has been improved.

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