ICT Opening Gaps [MK]

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The indicator plots levels which can act as magnets to price. The levels are gap areas which are used within the ICT (The Inner Circle Trader) trading system.

The indicator plots 5 areas of interest:

1: Daily Volume Imbalances - Referencing the Daily chart, boxes are calculated from close to open between all candles. Candles which have only 'wicks' between the close and open prices are considered 'volume imbalances. The boxes can then be shown on LTFs to aid in decision making for intraday traders. Imbalances can be limited to a maximum amount shown and mitigated imbalances can be removed from the chart. All colors can be customised.

Volume Imbalance example:

2: NWOG - New Week Opening Gap - Plotted from Friday Close at 1659 to Sunday Opening at 1800 (EST). The current NWOG can be displayed on its own, or previous weeks can also be shown (ICT recommends the previous 4 weeks also). Boxes are plotted with a midline and all colors can be customised.

New Week Opening Gaps example:

3. NDOG - New Day Opening Gaps - Plotted from day close at 1659 (EST) to restart at 1800 (EST). All colors can be customised. These gaps can be very small so line widths of 3+ are recommended if the lines are to be seen on HTFs

New Day Opening Gap example:

4. New Opening Gap - Plotted from close at 1659 to Session open at 0930 (EST). These areas can possibly be closed/filled after opening at some time. The indicator will draw box to the right of price which shows if the Opening Gap is UP or DOWN. The box will change color to show up or down, or text alone can be used instead of the box. All colors can be customised.

New Opening Gap Box example:

5. 0930 Opening Line - Draws a horizontal line from the opening price at 0930 (EST) to the last bar on the chart. This is the level used to calculate the New Opening Gap. All colors can be customised.

0930 Opening Line example:
chart update
0930 Opening Gap Box updated to reference 1600 closing time. Function name changed from '0930 Opening Gap Box ' to 'RTH Opening Gap Box'
added style and width options to NWOG midlines
All box and line styles can be customised.
Default value for previous NWOG changed from 4 to 10
Added option to set different background color for current NWOG.
Added option for RTH session opening. 1600, 1610 or 1614
Added price lines and labels for RTH opening to help identify which session opening time the user prefers to use
Timezone settings for all functions
Option to not display RTH opening gap box before 0930 opening. Custom settings
Added function to show NDOG history
Show symbol to ID most recent NDOG. Price label option for H/L of NWOG.
Fix error with 0930 opening line
Updated RTH gap section to allow previous gaps to be displayed.
Added NMOGs
Updated RTH section with 25% 75% levels and option for box projection
added option to show deviations from the RTH gaps. levels shown are 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4.

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