Trading Zones based on RS / Volume / Pullback

This is an Indicator which identifies different Trading Zones on the chart.
This should be Primarily used for Long Trades.

Trading Zones: and the Reasoning behind them

Long Zone -> One can do a Potential Entry (Buy) when this Zone is identified, but one could also wait for 'Entry Zone' (explained next) for a better Risk/Reward Trade.
Long Zones are identified with the help of Relative Strength and by an Intermediate Top in price.

Entry Zone -> This can be a better Risk/Reward zone to enter positions within the Long Zone.
Entry Zone is identified by a Pullback in Price & Volume contraction after the Long Zone is activated

Warning Zone -> One needs to be careful in this zone, no need to panic, Script will now try to find an Exit when Price Retraces towards Highs.
Warning Zone identifies weakness in the Price using Relative Strength of the current Stock (w.r.t. the Reference Symbol configured) and the severity of Pullback in Price.

Exit Zone -> are found only after transitioning to Warning Zone, this is a Zone which helps in minimising losses after a trade has gone into losses. Exit Zone is identified by making sure a local peak forms in Warning Zone. However, there are instances when Exit Zone detection can get prolonged when a local price peak is not formed soon enough. So one needs to be careful and use other strategies for exit.

What is different in this Script:
The Script uses Relative Strength in combination with Pullback in Price from Highs in a Novel way.
Over-trading is avoided by ignoring Sideways price movements, using Relative Strength.
Only Trending Upward movement is detected and traded.

How to use this Indicator:
Use these 'Trading Zones' only as a reference so it can minimise your time in screening stocks.

Preferred Settings for using the Indicator:
Stick to 1-Day candles
Keep Relative Symbol as "Nifty" for Indian Stocks.
For US stocks, we can use "SPX" as the Relative Symbol.








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